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Ogíjares, Granada

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Santa Mª del Llano School in Ogijares

Elisa Valero Ramos, arquitecta

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An architecture that respects the pre-existence, together with the constructional and compositional typologies of the place, characterise this rehabilitation and reform of a school building in the Granada village of Ogíjares.

The existing building, presumably dating from the late 19th century, comprises three bodies: the convent, the church, which is accessed from the garden, and an elongated south-facing arm constituting the body of the building on which the rehabilitation and reform is undertaken.
The school is articulated through a central interior courtyard with four sides that are uneven in depth, one of which is extended to shape the entrance area through a garden.
An enclosure has been built, with a non-accessible flat roof, in the elongated terrace part of the upper storey. This space becomes the access corridor leading to the classrooms.
The structure of the building is comprised of brick load bearing walls and, in the courtyard and in one of the internal centrelines, a series of marble columns have been built.
The programme of requirements is reduced to a new interior redistribution of the school body and, to this end, its north part has been demolished in order to redistribute the floors and to incorporate a new stairwell to improve vertical communications.
A new stairwell has been built as an emergency evacuation exit in case of fire, situated in the west wing of the building. This new nucleus, with “iconic” characteristics, constitutes one of the most characteristic elements of the ensemble’s architecture. A new vestibule is built in the ground floor to give access to the classrooms and a broom cupboard and the lavatories have been redistributed. A new teachers’ common room and a lab have been incorporated into the first floor, together with lavatories, an administrative area and the school secretary’s offices.

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Localización Location: Ogíjares. Granada. Spain. Arquitecta Architetc: Elisa Valero Ramos. Promotor Developer: Colegio Santa María del Llano. Arquitecto técnico Technical Architect: Rufino Manuel Quesada Molina. Colaborador Collaborator: Leonardo Tapiz Buzarra, arquitecto. Empresa constructora Contractors: Parejo Anguita. Proyecto y obra Project and completion: mayo 2012 / septiembre 2012. Superficie intervenida Built area: 931.50 m2. Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Elisa Valero Ramos
Fernando Alda Calvo