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Occidens Museum. Pamplona Cathedral

Antonio Vaillo y Juan L. Irigaray, arquitectos

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This project aims not only to construct and organize an exhibition, but also to carry out an architectural reflection around the understanding that “the west” is a mental territory more than a civilization or geography.

The Occidens Museum is located within Pamplona’s Cathedral Complex, spanning across several spaces from different ages: archeological sites with remains from the 2nd century A.D. up until the 18th century, a Romanesque Palace from the 11th century, an Archiepiscopal Palace from the 12th century and the gothic constructions of the Archdeacon’s Palace from the 14th and 16th century.
The museum is proposed as a narrative project closer to cinematography than to conventional museum structures, and this has been achieved through the manifestation of a discourse which unfolds across a series of different plots and levels of meaning: signs, images, objects, sounds, texts, projections, codes, smells and atmospheres…
The project, as a narrative whole, emphasizes the link between content and continent, as well as between architecture and artwork, through the conception of different atmospheres which are adapted to each age and space.
This museum’s project, made up of architecture from different ages, is carried out through a single element: a steel carpet which acts as a guiding thread through the entire exhibition and which, without touching, snakes between the different rooms of different ages. A single element, flexible and ambivalent, unfolds all of its potential with the objective of generating an iconography that provides homogeneity to a system that is disparate in space and time.
A black steel sheet 1cm thick is folded and perforated to become a walkway, floor, bench, lamp or display, and the perforated texts explain but also illuminate, orient and give content to the itinerary.

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Localización Location: Pamplona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: VAILLO+IRIGARAY ARCHITECTS. Antonio Vaíllo, Juan L. Irigaray, Daniel Galar, Josecho Vélaz. Colaboradores Collaborators: Felipe Pou, arquitecto, Javier Gil, arquitecto, Iñigo Beguiristain, arquitecto, Ángel Álvarez, Oscar Martínez, Eva Fernández. Comisario Curator: Javier Aizpún. Dirección creativa, Arquitectura, Museografía y Diseño Gráfico Creative direction, architecture, museography and graphic design: Vaillo+Irigaray Architects. Guión museográfico y Producción Audiovisual Museographic script and Audiovisual Production: Carlos Bernar – Niclow. Constructor Building contractor: Vaillo+Irigaray Architects. Colaboradores Guilds collaborators: Estructura Structure: Opera Ingeniería, Raúl Escrivá, Audiovisual: Siena, Comunicación interactiva Interactive comunication: Innovae Vision. Cliente Developer: Arzobispado de Pamplona. Proyecto Project: octubre 2011. Finalizado Date of completion: octubre 2012. Presupuesto Cost: 1.000.000 €. Superficie Surface: 2.000 m². Fotografía Photography: Rubén Pérez Bescós.
Juan Luis Irigaray Huarte
Pamplona, Navarra
Vaíllo & Irigaray

Antonio Vaillo