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House in the Market

María González y Juanjo López de la Cruz, arquitectos

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To explore, reveal and interlace: this has been the plot guiding this interesting refurbishment project, as well as the list of verbs which describe this home facing the Market in Seville.

The House in the Market project emerged from an urgent situation: a municipal order dictated that the new owners of this late 19th – century house must intervene immediately in order to repair the problems detected during a previous technical inspection. The imposed urgency and the necessary prudence in investment conditioned the method of intervention: the architects decided that they themselves would act as the project’s builders.

The home’s location facing the market makes it a fragment of the city rather than just a house, a territory that has been continually redrawn over centuries and where each brushstroke supports the one that followed. The house’s existing ground plan was made up of a total of seven spaces, each approximately three metres wide, corresponding to the length of the wooden beans that were available. Originally there was likely an alternate configuration of two spaces and a void which generated patios for each one, providing them with light and illumination.

The first action carried out by the architects fulfilled the need to gradually discover anything that the house could be concealing. During this process, where erasing was more important than drawing, they slowly uncovered a latent house which had been generated piece by piece through a continuous process of negotiation with neighbours, which must have provoked the constant changes in its profile over the years. On the fly they decided to remove the floors and beans that were in the worst shape and recover hidden apertures which had existed in another time, incorporating into their project these revealed elements which tell the story of this place, under the assumption that time also builds. The aim was to recover a ‘zero level’ where the brick and lime mortar walls, the enduring wooden floors and the hidden apertures would be once again revealed, thereby recovering a moment which must have once existed.

Almost without realising it, the house started to resemble what it must once have been: a place where build and void alternated in similar proportion. A series of elements emerged during the construction which interlace the different spaces and, by means of the recovered patio, the ground and first floor are reunited after their separation long ago. An aperture in the kitchen area provides light and ventilation as though it were another patio, linking the bell tower of the market’s church with the heart of the house.

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Muy Original. Felicidades!!!
pinka / 16.04.2015

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Localización Location: Sevilla. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: María González y Juanjo López de la Cruz. Estructura Structure: Sol89. Instalaciones Installations: Sol89. Constructora Contractor: Autoconstrucción y Alejandro Fdez. Carbonero. Proyecto Project date: 2009-2012. Ejecución Completion: 2009-2012. Superficie de la intervención Built area: 250 m². Fotografía Photography: Fernando Alda.
Juanjo López de la Cruz
Fernando Alda Calvo