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Igualada, Barcelona

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Somiatruites Restaurant

Xavier Andrés, arquitecto

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This gastronomic and cultural space designed above an old tannery establishes a dialogue with, and re-qualifies in terms of ambiguity, an obsolete environment with historical roots in the city of Igualada.
Somiatruites is a Catalan term that defines a person who dreams of impossible or strange things.
The Somiatruites restaurant in the Rec district of Igualada has recently been transformed into a gastronomic and cultural centre designed by three young people: a chef, David Andrés, a manager, Pep Morera, and an architect, Xavier Andrés.
The first modification, and surely one of the most relevant ones executed, consisted of trying to recover the initial state of the building, as many variations made over the more than a hundred years of life of this building had contaminated the initial ground plan and structure. Its essence has thus been recovered: the square ground plan, the rhythm of large and elongated windows that are typical of the district’s tanneries and necessary for tanning the leather, together with the stone and structural elements.
The modification has the intention of integrating into the landscape of this industrial district, which was obsolete and deteriorated but is making a comeback thanks to a variety of activities and designs that are emerging. The compositional structure of the district has been successfully maintained by using only two materials on the façade, the same exposed brick of the building itself, though irregularly laid out, and Corten steel framing the windows to give them greater relevance and also with the objective of shaping a pleated sheet metal baluster on which the vegetation will grow and to emphasise the typical character of the neighbourhood.

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Localización Location: c/ del Sol 19, al Rec de Igualada, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Xavier Andrés. Estructuras Structures: Albert Albareda. Constructora Constructor: Xavier Andrés Constructora. Fotografía Photography: Vicens Martin.