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Sant Just Desvern, Barcelona

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Cuina Miracle

Qubba, arquitectos

Description Technical file

The design, volumetry and outfitting of a lineal element that separates the two functions of this project, the takeaway area and the dining area, intelligently structures the space of this enlargement of a classic establishment.

Cuina Miracle has been working for 10 years on preparing takeaway meals. The commission arose from the need to expand the activity of Cuina Miracle as the existing premises had become too small and the capacity of both the kitchen and cold stores and of the dining room needed to be expanded. The enlargement incorporates the two adjacent premises and has been undertaken while respecting the existing functional layout.

The proposal basically consists of arranging the interior circulations to facilitate the working processes, from the arrival of the products to manipulation, storage and cooking, cooling, packing, conservation and sale. Two longitudinal strips are established to clearly differentiate the internal uses (hot kitchen, cold kitchen, storeroom, cold store) from the public uses (dining room and shop).

A wall 15 metres in length is the backbone that separates the two uses while visually linking the work areas with the dining room and shop. The 40m2 of surface space of this new enclosure element are clad in American oak wood polished with coarse-grain sandpaper and colourless oil applied with a rag, contrasting with the coldness of the initial premises in which the stainless steel furniture predominates. Some horizontal lines formed from a folded platen in black iron and transparent varnish operate as shelving and help to compose the elevation of the wall, which is worked as part of the furniture by incorporating the elements that the programme required such as the wine and product display, till, cupboards or serving hatch.

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Situación Location: Av/Industria nº1 St.Just Desvern, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Architects: qubba arquitectes, Arcadi Royo, Anna Millet y Juana Mª Molina. Cliente Client: Cuina Miracle. Superfície Ampliación Enlargement surface: 145,00 m2. Fecha de construcción Construction date: 25 febrero 2013 – 2 abril 20113. Equipo redactor y dirección de obra Drafting team and site management: qubba arquitectes. Gestión y control de obra Site management and control: HUB Edificació, David Ojeda i Salvador Cortina. Fotografía Photography: Jordi Tost.
Jordi Tost