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Mercer Hotel

Rafael Moneo Vallés y Lucho Marcial, arquitecto

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The project for this hotel in the historic centre of Barcelona bases its discourse on a profound reflection on its historical and archaeological context as well as on the appearance of a central glazed courtyard on which the entire built complex is articulated.

The Mercer Hotel has resulted from occupying the constructions that over the centuries have emerged between what is today calle Lledó – a street whose course may possibly go back to that of the Roman city – and the enclosure of the walls of Barcino, characterised by a whole series of cubes/towers that today have been absorbed into the urban fabric.
Transformed into dwellings and workshops, the constructions we are referring to had probably disfigured what used to be houses of some importance in the early middle ages and were later put to the most diverse uses. Thus the first task was to discard some of the more recent interventions to establish the necessary continuity between the late medieval façade of the street and the wall through a glazed courtyard. Its central position means that today it has become the hotel’s gravitational centre, with stairs, lavatories and services installed in its proximity. Moreover, the courtyard boosts the public spaces on the ground floor insofar as the rooms adapt to the outline of the existing walls. Maintaining the integrity of the walls – always in compliance with the criteria established by the archaeologists – has been the constant concern of the architects and this has given rise to an architecture that we had to endow with a sense of unity. To this end we shotcreted the fabric to level them out and to help the intervention in keeping alive the testimony of the different interventions over time. It is this testimony of the past, strongly manifested in the dialogue that the old walls maintain with the modern furniture, that has become the characteristic gesture of a hotel that we trust will help the traveller feel the living history of a city such as Barcelona.

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Localización Location: Barcelona. Spain. Arquitecto Architect: Rafael Moneo Vallés y Lucho Marcial. Colaboradores Collaborators: Cristian Naudín, Juanma Nicás. Consultor diseño interior Consultor diseño interior: Belén Moneo. Arquitecto técnico Tecnical Architect: Enrique Moreno Ramos. Cálculo estructura Structures: Bis Arquitectes, David García. Geotecnia Geotecnia: Geosuport, Joan Franch. Ingeniería de instalaciones Systems engineering: JG Ingenieros, Ing. adscrito Martí Urpinas Gasol. Estudio histórico Historical study: Veclus, Reinald Gonzalez, Francesc Caballé. Restauraciones murales Restauraciones murales: Mercè Marquès, Pau Arroyo. Arqueología Archeology: Fragments. Dirección arqueolog. David Prida y Vanessa Muñoz. Entidad de control Entidad de control: Dekra- Ambio. Fotografía Photography: Xabier Mendiola.
Rafael Moneo
Lucho Marcial