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Hotel Madera Signature Suites

Lagranja Design

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In this their first work in Asia, this group of Spanish designers has completed an interesting intervention on the four top floors of a newly built hotel on the Kowloon peninsula, one of the most densely populated districts of Hong Kong.

This boutique hotel is located in a building recently completed by Hip Shing Hong Group in the district of Jordan, Kowloon, Hong Kong, and has a total of 88 rooms distributed over 29 floors.
Lagranja has planned the design of the interior architecture of floor 3, intended for communal areas (gym, offices and playroom) and the 4 top floors of the building, intended for exclusive suites.
Naturally, wood is the most outstanding material in the project and also the conceptual pivot around which 9 highly comfortable suits have been designed, using and manipulating the material in many ways in order to succeed in ultimately making each suite different from the others. Moreover, the developer describes the rooms intended for suites as spa-suites owing to the ample bathroom integrated into the living area and to the fact that each suite has a large shower and a Jacuzzi that is often also integrated into the bedroom.
Another noteworthy zone in the project is that of the corridors or vestibules of the floors, as each and every one of them has been conceived on the basis of a creative and original exercise that transforms the walls into sculptures of light and colour, with walls in different textures of tinted woods like inlaid work, walls with slats in tinted wood with graduated shading in 30 colours or for example the texture of 11,000 nails that form part of a mural sculpture in the third-floor vestibule.
Lagranja has designed the majority of the furniture in limed beech wood: the king-size bed, the kitchens, the wardrobes, side tables, door and bedside table handles, for which solid oak wood trunks have been turned in accordance with the drawings supplied by the design studio.

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Situación Site: 1 Cheong Lok Street, Kowloon, Jordan. Hong Kong. China. Diseño Design: Lagranja Design for Companies and Friends. Cliente Client: Hip Shing Hong Group of Companies. Superficie Area: 575 m2. Fotografía Photography: Andrew J. Loiterton.