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Hotel Renaissance Barcelona Fira

Jean Nouvel - Ribas & Ribas Arquitectos

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The integration of nature into the building’s architectural structure is an unusual factor in an establishment of these characteristics, with a constant and absolute presence that combines with an incredible colour duality between the black and white colours of its facades.

The Renaissance Barcelona Fira Hotel of Plaza Europa, 110 metres in height, breaks with the classic architectural schemes for this type of build, generating for the city a vertical garden that offers a different way of living and feeling the city.
The hotel consists of a total of 357 rooms, 11 events rooms, panoramic restaurant, bar and lookout terrace with outdoor swimming pool, fitness centre with heated indoor pool and sun deck.
In the top part, a crown of palm trees emerges from the terraces of the suites, the fitness centre and the pool. In addition, the crowns of these trees are reproduced throughout the building, screen printed on the glass part and graffitied on the concrete part.
To the east and west, the facades are luminous, white, almost blinding. To the north, the façade is matt black. This differentiated colour scheme is not limited to this but is taken from the exterior to the interior and the rooms that give on to each one of the facades receive the same colour, so that there are rooms where the dominant colour is white and others where it is black.
There are no windows but rather transparencies sketched and mingled with the vegetable patterns screen printed on the façade. This is mutant matter that plays with the light and changes throughout the day.
Both during the daytime and at night, the leaves of the palm trees stamp their shadows and reflections on floors, facades and corridors. The play of light is changeable. It enters the rooms on to walls, ceilings, curtains, bedsheets… and floods all the rooms of the building.
Two outdoor loggias link up the two bodies of the tower over its full height. Here there is an exuberant vertical landscape, edged by the corridors of the rooms and crossed by a Piranesian play of terraces and stairs. Both at night and during the day, the screen printing on the walls of the room corridors blends into the vegetation. At night, thanks to the lighting created expressly for the occasion. During the day, thanks to its colour hues, thus further boosting the changing effect of the light throughout the day.
Each client finds a space adapted to his or her enjoyment and need, alcove rooms for shared pleasures, business rooms of perfect dimensions for the work of congresspeople and executives, junior suites and suites where the room, lounge and bathroom operate and combine according to the client’s wishes.

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Localización Location:Plaza Europa 50-52, L'Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona. Spain. Arquitectos Autores Authors Architects: Ateliers Jean Nouvel y Ribas & Ribas Arquitectos. Asesor Advisor to Jean Nouvel: Emmanuel Blamont. Jefe de proyecto Project Leader: Damien Renchon, José Miguel Pomares. Arquitectos colaboradores Architects Team: Proyecto Project: Markus Frank, Eric Nespoulos, Joan Pau Yasmina Pérez, Gonzalo Ruiz, Victor Sánchez, Julia Tupper, Fina Urpi. Ejecución Execution: Gregoire Giot, Jeremy Lebarillec, Cristina Perales, Adriana Ribas, Cristina Sánchez, Jordi Sinfreu, Yvonne Weber, Pau Gómez, EMA. Diseño interior Interior Design: Proyect Project: Sabrina Letourneur. Ejecución Execution: Odile Fillon (JND), Sabrina Letourneur. Gráficos Graphics : Marie Maillard, José Miguel Pomares, Natalie Saccu de Franchi. Cliente Client: Hoteles Catalonia. Fechas Dates: Concurso Competition: 01.2005. Estudios Studies: 2005 – 2007. Construcción Construction: 04.2008 – 09.2012. Superficie Útil Usable Floor Area: 22 000 m². Área total Gross Floor Area: 26 000 m² (17 000 m² + 9 000 m² Underground). Presupuesto Budget: 55.000.000€, Furniture including (Estimation). Precio m² Utile Cost m²: 2 000 €/m², Furniture including. Ingenieros Engineers: Estructura: Manuel Arguijo y asociados, Fluides Building services: Ramón Roca. Consultores Consultants: Paisajismo Landscape: Bet Figueras, Manuel Colominas. Fachadas Facades: Biosca & Botey. Acústica Acoustic: Joan Altavella. Diseño de Iluminación Lighting design: Lumières Studio (Odile Soudant).Fotografía Photography: Cortesía Ateliers Jean Nouvel y Ribas & Ribas Arquitectos.
Jean Nouvel
París, Francia