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Rocambolescice cream shop in Girona

Sandra Tarruella, interiorista

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This project qualifies a different ice cream shop that finds its way through a retrospective process that connects the final product with children’s imagination.

The project for theRocambolesc ice cream shop arose from the dream of creating a new establishment in which to experience the desserts of theCeller de Can Roca, one of the most highly qualified restaurants in Catalonia from the gastronomic point of view.

The façade is a nod to the idea of the “illustrated comic strip” and at the same time to all the carpentry work found in the ice cream shops of a bygone era. Once inside, the visitor is enveloped by a convivial place that resorts to traditional materials, oak wood or natural iron. The front wall represents the ice cream-making machine, there are pipes, lights, spirals, cogs, it has movement, lights, even sound. As soon as the great machine starts working on the order, one can watch how it makes the take-away ice cream.

A great ice cream terrine dispenser has been designed for the lateral wall, made of vertical slats of oak wood that recall formal aspects of "Celler de Can Roca". On this same wall is a set of pipes running across the space to transform it into dispensers.

On the other side, a large mirror provides the dream-like point of view that at the same time operates as a base for the manually written list of products sold in the shop, just like it was traditionally done to attract the clients.

The design of the furniture, both in the counter and the bicycle-bench, recalls the street carts that used to sell ice cream. All the elements have been devised to help create an illusion in this space, from the scissors that transform into shelves hanging from the ceiling to the fans that evoke a certain industrial air.

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Localización: Gerona. Promotor: Germans Roca. Concepto y Diseño: Sandra Tarruella interioristas. Responsable de proyecto de interiorismo: Olga Pajares. Colaboradores: Ricard Trenchs, Elsa Noms. Empresa constructora: Constructora Xedex. Pared escenográfica: Ramón de los Heros. Bicicleta-banco: Andreu Carulla. Muebles: Mobiliario diseño de Sandra Tarruella Interioristas. Diseño gráfico: Rundesign. Fotografía: Meritxell Arjalaguer.
Sandra Tarruella