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ProjectN.A in Barcelona

Francesc Rifé, interiorista

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Stylised comfort and a compositional language that generates ambiences of selective characteristics are the feature of this elegant commercial interior design work.
Project N.A. is an enlargement of a clothes shop that the FrancescRifé studio had previously designed in the city of Barcelona. The first space is dedicated to a more elegant and to some extent more serious clothing line. The N.A. enlargement project displays more casual clothing and thus the design of the shop fits in with this style. In this regard, the new space does not wish to compete with either the textiles or the general concept of the shop.
Access to the space is via the old cash register area through a set of metallic stairs that lead to an upper mezzanine, delimited by a vast grey fume glass pane that allows a view of a large part of the shop. This area appears to be suspended mid-air and shapes itself into a show window inside the shop itself.
In the zone occupied by the shop there had been a dwelling with access from a communal area. The space has been readapted without modifying the structure. The shop is partitioned into several stages-rooms that have permitted the creation of several show windows. In all of them there are pieces of bespoke furniture purchased in second-hand fairs in cities such as Antwerp, Nimes or Barcelona.
Standing out among the vintage objects are several bookcases and shelves, a counter and a deep-buttoned sofa. The large-format, decorative lighting is also a recovered element.
Another outstanding feature is in the central room where the more unique kinds of clothing are displayed. It is covered in recycled bolts of fabric brought up from the lower floor where bespoke suits were made.
The adjacent room includes a large walnut counter where a DJ is occasionally located. Next to the counter is a sofa placed in proximity to the changing room area. In this sector the walls have been cleaned up to expose the old brickwork. In the changing rooms, as well as in the access to the shop, recycled wood has been used, taken from a previous shop project. In this back part is also a large window that allows natural light into the premises while giving access to a patio.
The continuous concrete flooring follows the line of the paving used on the lower floor.

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Localización: Barcelona. Interiorismo: Francesc Rifé Studio. Ingeniería: Xavier Alcalà. Colaborador: Nino Álvarez. Carpintería: Fusteria Ebenisteria Brañas. Constructora: Construcciones Miguel Morales. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo