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Subsidised dwellings in Ibiza

Vora arquitectura, arquitectos

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An intelligent superposition of typologies on a plot with an elongated shape, together with the contribution, in terms of adaptation to the landscape, of an attractive colour scheme, characterise this complex of dwellings.

The building contains 30 subsidised flats. It is linearly implanted on the site, which is narrow and long, and adapts to the slope of the terrain and to the limiting volumetry defined by the urban planning regulations.

The complex is fragmented by adding some independent bodies that allow the plot to be arranged into three strips. The central strip, which is recessed from the alignment of the street, contains the flats in two lineal blocks of differing dimensions and heights. The strip that abuts on the street contains the bodies of facilities, accesses and stairs. The third strip is kept free of any constructions and contains the private gardens of the ground-floor dwellings. Under the part built above ground are the underground parking and the different storage rooms.

The central block of flats gives its spatial character to the complex, with a forceful, prismatic, regular and abstract volumetry enclosed by a fence that delimits the surface of the plot and contains the body of facilities. The dwellings are flanked by two wide, open and covered continuous galleries, on one side the walkway leading to the flats and on the other a south-facing terrace of lineal characteristics. The occupy the full width between facades and are permeable to them in order to gain good ventilation and lighting while obtaining good protection from the sun by the shaded filter created by the gallery of terraces on the south side.

In material and construction terms, a direct and simple composition was sought: an arcaded structure in concrete with single-direction forgings and ventilated façade enclosures, finished off with cement-bonded particleboard panels that were painted and nailed to battens. The body of facilities and the stairwell are differentiated from the flats in material terms and are built from load bearing walls of concrete, exposed and without rendering.

The two longitudinal facades feature the pictorial work of the artist Anke Blaue, a subtle play of coloured strips on a dark grey background. The colours change with each façade, thus playing with the way the sunlight strikes them, incorporating the colour palette (modified and intensified) of the modest architecture seen in Ibiza’s 1970s constructions, the ochre, earthy hues that traditionally conceal the traces of rain on facades in dry climates. The mineral-based paint has been applied diluted and with free strokes of the brush to thus give it a colourful irregularity in its textures that brings it closer to the spectator and recalls its nature, earth.

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Localización: Ibiza. Arquitectos proyecto: vora arquitectura, Pere Buil y Toni Riba. Colaboradores: Eva Cotman, Ondrej Fabian, Rui Santos. Proyecto estructura: Bernuz-Fernàndez Arquitectes. Proyecto instalaciones: Quadrifoli gestió integral de projectes. Mediciones y presupuestos: SCO, Guillem Llorens. Arquitectos obra: vora arquitectura (Pere Buil), Victor Beltran. Aparejador obra: Vicent Serra. Ingeniería obra: ITEC ingenieros (Tobías Riera). Constructor: Ferrovial. Promotor: IMVISA (Iniciatives Municipals de Vila s.a.). Intervención artística: Anke Blaue. Fotografía: Adrià Goula.
Vora Arquitectura
Adrià Goula