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Puerto Portals (Mallorca)

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La Cantina restaurant

Sandra Tarruella, interiorista

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This new restaurant situated on Mallorca’s coast offers deciding characteristics in regard to its interior design and graphics that allow it to host the type of public required by its developers.
These new premises intended for a restaurant-canteen are located in Puerto Portals on the island of Mallorca, to a large extent contributing to a strategic and necessary effort to improve the level of design in this type of tourist facility.
The idea for the new restaurant-canteen began with the intention of creating an establishment aimed mainly at young people looking for a space of more informal characteristics than the neighbouring Flanigan, or even at the children of the Flanigan clients.
The main feeling that this project sought to transmit was that of entering a dynamic, young, fun and fresh space, reflected both in the use of materials and colours and in the layout of the furniture, which mostly consists of communal tables.
Natural and simple materials such as pinewood and birch veneer, steel and a continuous micro-cement floor, together with the wall drawings and graphics based on colour stripes that recall the old beach bath huts, the plantings of aromatic herbs in wheelbarrows situated on the terrace and the image of a storeroom filled with shelving situated next to the dining room help to achieve this sensation of a dynamic, agile and youthful space.
An important and characteristic element of this establishment is the fact that it sought to create a unique space between interior and exterior, opening up the façade as much as possible, using sliding doors that can disappear at any given time and repeating the same philosophy applied to the interior furniture to succeed in transmitting the sought-after feeling of continuity.

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Localización: Mallorca Autores: Estudio Sandra Tarruella interioristas Responsable proyecto: Cecilia Moretti Colaboradores: Anna Badia, Laura Muñoz, Elsa Noms, Catina Verdera Promotor: Miguel Arias Construtor: Constructora Baltyc Obras y Servicios Diseñador Gráfico: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas Fotografía: Jordi Sarrà
Sandra Tarruella
Jordi Sarrà Arau