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Hotel Sana

Francesc Rifé, interiorista

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Rigour and balance once again characterise the work of this interior design studio that, starting out with the evident intention of creating a complement for the architecture, displays obvious sensitivity in its ability to connect with the urban space.

Situated in the centre of Berlin, the project occupies an entire block in the capital. It is restrained and elegant, the reason for the choice of black granite in order to emphasise its location in a city in which the avant-garde and continuous change set the trend for all of Europe. This material and its breakup also establish the dialogue with the interior space, with the same philosophy of integration that identifies this Barcelona studio.

The distribution of the façade cladding is defined by the position of the openings, which strategically rest against a set of backlit modules in a greenish colour that outline the entire contour. The ground floor, which holds the lobby and restaurants, boasts a single glass enclosure to give transparency to the more public areas of the hotel. Only in the access area, specifically the revolving door, has green glass been used, similar to the exterior and to the interior cladding of the lobby and the rest of the public areas.

The double-height lobby has been clad in an expanded sheet metal material with a cadmium finish that gives it its characteristic texture and greenish hue. The development of curves in the floor plan blends the syllables of “BER” from Berlin with those of “BAR” of Barcelona, while the sinuous curvature of the walls leads to the two restaurants situated at either end of the building and to the bars and pubs located in the vicinity of the lobby and the back part holding the lifts. The highly particular colour, which imitates that of beer, has been obtained through different cadmium bath processes. All the zones sharing this mesh have been clad in black-tinted wood to enhance the front zone of pleated sheet metal. A terrace crowns the back part with a special play of lights and projections activated from springtime onwards.

The rooms have been designed in two different finishes, a light glossy lacquer and oak, with the intention of giving returning users the choice of staying in a different hotel environment. The rooms stand out for two important elements. One is the bathroom, partially delimited by smoked laminated glass with an integrated circular mirror that gives an external view of the bath or, depending on the light used, keeping it hidden from view. This aspect gives the bedroom a feeling of great amplitude. Evidently the lavatory is independent of this open-plan area. The other element is the longitudinal “container module” facing the above-mentioned bath and the bed. This module, which comes in a variety of finishes, allows the full integration into the rooms of the wardrobe, the TV that by means of a spyglass fully conceals the “ugly” appliance, and the desk. The breakup follows the same parameters as the façade or lobby. An irregular yet orderly breakup that allows each room to distribute the partial areas in accordance with the requirements of our interior design architecture.

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Localización: Berlin Autor: Francesc Rifé Colaboradores: Estudio Rifé Proyecto Iluminación: Francesc Rifé Promotor: Sana Hotels Empresa de construcción: WOLTE Fotografía: Fernando Alda
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo