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Delta'11 Awards

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The 2011 edition of the Delta Prizes awarded every two years by the FAD’s Industrial Design Association, ADI-FAD, has celebrated its 50th anniversary with a retrospective exhibition at Barcelona’s Palau Robert, bringing together a selection of the best Spanish industrial design products of the second half of the century. On this occasion, the prize-giving ceremony, together with the numerous activities connected with industrial design organised by ADI-FAD, took place within the framework of the FadFest, the first festival organised by the FAD (Fostering Arts and Design), which has brought together on the same stage, and during two weeks, all the disciplines that comprise the FAD – architecture, design, art and the handicrafts – under the new Barcelona Design Festival initiative.
At this edition of the prizes, the international judging panel composed of Deyan Sudjic, director of the Design Museum of London, Carles Guerra, director of La Virreina Centre for the Image, Viviana Narotzky, design historian and current chair of ADI-FAD, and the designers Gjis Bakker, David Cutcliffe, Petz Schutz and Jaume Serramalera, has paid special attention to the incorporation of sustainability criteria and to the extension of design into many other fields that do not appear to have given it sufficient relevance.
The following pages showcase the projects recognised with the Gold and Silver prizes, plus a selection of the shortlisted pieces and the prize-winning and shortlisted projects entered for the ADI Medal.

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