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A Coruña

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National Science and Technology Museum (MUNCYT)

Victoria Acebo y Angel Alonso, arquitectos

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This magnificent building, exhibited at the MoMA of New York and winner of the Young Architecture Prize at the 9th Biennial of Spanish Architecture, is a clear paradigm of how, despite the political vagaries and opposing decisions, good architecture and its authors' capacity to adapt have led to a completion endowed with great global coherence.
What today is denominated the National Science and Technology Museum (MUNCYT) began with the name of Centre of the Arts and was as such conceived as a single container intended to contain two buildings of diverse nature: the new Dance Conservatory of the Provincial Council of A Coruña and a Provincial Museum with an undefined content. A major part of the project's efforts were then focused on defining the identities of each one of the two components of the Centre of the Arts and ultimately defined a tree-like shape that contains inside its branches the dance school and on the outside the museum, thus organising the coexistence of both.
In 2003 construction began on this building as part of a very precise and brilliant technological challenge in which self-compacting concrete was used for the first time in Spain. A façade of solar laminar glass made one by one was developed and 1,000 multicoloured sound-absorbent cylinders, measuring 22 cm in diameter and 125 cm in length, were used in the protection of the installations. The project was executed within budget and in late 2006 the building was virtually finished.
However, political vagaries were to change the prospects of this building and the lack of agreement in regard to content left it closed for 1000 days, after which time it could be said that the building had not been born and was already a ruin …
The solution came in the shape of a transfer to the Ministry of Science and Innovation, which transformed it into the National Science and Technology Museum. A project was drafted to adapt it to the new operating scheme that, among other things, forced the main entrance to be closed and a new entrance to be opened in the opposite façade.
The building gradually emerged from its lethargy in its transformation into a single space of what initially had been two functional identities. Everything began to fit together until in the year 2009 the Spanish Plan for Economy and Employment Stimulus hurriedly made its presence felt and awarded 7 museography projects to 7 different teams for a building that was finally conceived as a single total space, causing a degree of confusion that the architecture is bent on carrying with dignity, as if it were a punishment.
Despite the circumstances here described, the building has always shown a high capacity for “resilience” to the various traumas, and this makes us think that it will be capable of successfully dealing with the new challenges, programmes, museographies and “refoundings” that the future may hold for it.

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Arquitectos redactores y dirección de obra: Victoria Acebo y Ángel Alonso. Colaboradores en la dirección de obras: Fernando Cebrián, Arquitecto. José Yánez, Arquitecto técnico. Construcción: OHL Galicia. Arturo Lombera, Jefe de obra. Ricardo Buján, Jefe de área. Ingeniería de estructuras: NB 35. Alejandro Bernabeu, Ingeniero redactor. Ingeniería de Instalaciones: JG ingenieros. Colaboradores en el concurso: Covadonga Martinez Peñalver, Michael Krueger (estudiantes). Colaboradores en el proyecto: Nuria Muruais, Arquitecto. Carlos Coscollano, Arquitecto técnico. Malte Eglinger, Laura Fernández, Carlos Jiménez, Alejandro Prieto, Michael Rabold, Jens Rapp, Johann Reble, Jakob Seyboth, Alexandra Vieira (estudiantes). Promotor: Excma. Diputación de A Coruña. Fotografía: Marcela V. Grassi.
Suppliers list
Saneamiento, fontanería, climatización, extinción de incendios y gestión de instalaciones: Iglesias Miras, s.a.
Electricidad, voz y datos y detección de incendios: Cymel, s.l.
Pavimentos sintéticos (linóleos y moquetas): Rendueles, s.l.
Pavimentos de adoquín cúbico negro: Pavicom, s.l.
Pintura ignifuga en estructura metálica: Pinturas del Atlántico
Pintura paramentos interiores: Apligarco, s.l.
Ensayos vidrio laminado: Saint Gobain
Pavimento de mortero autonivelante y resinas: Aplicaciones coruñesas, s.l.
Adhesivos para cerámicos, morteros autonivelantes: Comercial y estudios Mayo
Acristalamiento ascensor, pegado estructural de acristalamiento: Sarriglass, s.l.
Carpintería interior: Marzoa y Alonso
Impemeabillzación sótano: Osmega
Instalación ascensores: Kone elevadores
Carpinteria de aluminio y vidrio impreso de fachada: Inasus, s.a.
Cerrajería: Demacar
Estructura metálica: Cometal Laro
Taladros y cortes en el hormigón: Senra cortes de hormigón
Polipasto: Industrias velasco cabrera, s.l.
Tabiquería y falsos techos de pladur: Técnica instalación Coruña, s.l. (T5 instalaciones)
Cubierta plana de PVC: Aislamientos Kover, s.l.
Refuerzo estructural con fibra de carbono: Soluciones globales de restauración, s.l.
Puertas cortafuegos: Baygar, s.l.
Vitraico (gresite): Hispano italiana de revestimientos, s.a.
Bloque tabique de yeso: Eurotabi, s.l.
Góndola limpieza fachada exterior: Góndolas Merino, s.l.
Adoquín de granito negro: Naturpiedra Piezarrerias Bernardos, s.l.
Yeso proyectado: Gabriel Brea Miguez
Recercados de hormigón polímero: Ulma hormigón polímero
Revestimientos de protección contra el fuego: Tecresa proteccion pasiva, s.l.
Acristalamiento puertas fachada: Seguridad cristal, s.a.
Solera de hormigón pulida: Pavimentos Lugo, s.l.
Tubería de PVC: ABN Pipe abastecimientos, s.a.
Colocación techo acústico Notson: Obras interiores sistematizadas, s.l.
Colocación puerta corredera garaje: Baleato, s.l.
Moldura para pasamanos: Böttcher Gelsdorf GmbH & Co KG
Rejilla electrosoldada: M. Codina, s.a.
Perforación en muro de hormigón: Dentellada, s.l.
Barras antipánico: Ferretería Carlos García, s.l
Vidrio impreso fachada: Glasfabrik Lamberts
Placa nervada Placner, forjados galvanizados: Placas nervadas, s.l.
Accesorios de baño: Suministro integral de obras (SIO)
Encimeras de placas de resina Trespa Athlon Quartz: Técnica aplicadas de Galicia, s.l.

V. Grassi, Marcela