Badalona. Barcelona

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La Salut Market Square, Badalona

Vora Arquitectura. Pere Buil Castells y Toni Riba Galí, arquitectos

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This interesting exercise in geometric and colourful drawing allows the complex integration of a small triangular public space to be addressed, together with an underground car park and a building designated to house a market. It is the work of the architect Joseph Maria Sostres.

To speak of this square is to speak of the actual market building, a magnificent work of the architect Josep Maria Sostres built in the year 1980, and of the district of La Salut in Badalona (Barcelona), historically boasting a highly dynamic history and social fabric.

The project for the La Salut Market square began with a reflection on the general context that skilfully led to materially creating the intervention, in an exercise of superposition of layers of identity, underlying realities and permanent memory.

One of the main objectives of this intervention was to give this space its own identity, manifesting its urban relevance in a context of social interrelations while giving it the necessary functionality. The project was finally embodied in three concepts:

Centrality. The gap of the square was originally conceived as a residual space that ignored the accesses to the building. Later a door was opened in the market giving on to the gap of the square without this changing its secondary character. Currently the building has acquired a new centrality, and this intervention has been undertaken with the intention of reinforcing this feature in such a way that the proposal has replaced the fixed elements with geometries and the flow of people.

Formal simplicity. In order to respond to the new flows (northern entrance to the market, civic centre, crossing of two main roadways and recently the exits of the L9 metro) it was decided to simplify the shape of the square as much as possible, reducing it to a single sloping plane defined by its triangular limits. This is an isotropic space where the free movement of people rather than the routes are given priority.

Compositional richness. An abstract and isotropic composition is defined on the basis of the limits of this triangular space and on its geometry, viewed as a mesh laid on the plane, a reflection of the complexity of the context, overlaying a colourful composition that gives the new public space both character and a unique appearance.

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Emplazamiento: Avenida Marquès de Sant Mori, s/n, Badalona. Barcelona. Autor: Vora Arquitectura. Pere Buil Castells y Toni Riba Galí, arquitectos. Colaboradores: Eva Cotman, Anna Malaguti, Ondrej Fabian. Estructuras: Eskubi-Turró (Juan Ignacio Eskubi). Instalaciones: Gecsa (Tono Trias). Presupuesto y control de calidad: Mor Arquitectura Tècnica (Modest Mor). Dirección de obra: Vora Arquitectura (Toni Riba Galí). Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Badalona. Constructor: Acsa-Sorigué. Comunicación: Irma Pérez Olivares Fotografía: Adrià Goula.
Pere Buil
Toni Riba
Vora Arquitectura
Adrià Goula