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Dental clinic in Vitoria

Estudio Rifé. Francesc Rifé, interiorista

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Elegance, containment and the use of materials and textures plus an intelligent way of organising and distributing the space are the principal characteristics of this dental clinic situated in Vitoria.

In the very heart of Vitoria and located on the ground floor of a building of large dimensions, the clinic boasts the latest technologies in dental medicine. The premises cover 193 metres square and has two facades. The main one, giving on to calle Lascaray and with a length of 10 metres, is clad in local white marble with a vertical die-stamping in transparent grey glass. The back façade combines the same break-up with a grey glass in a muted hue.

Past the access on the right, and as an extension of the pavement, is the reception desk with two workstations. Behind it is a cubicle in green laminated glass that acts as an enclosure for one of the offices for attending to the public. Facing this office and inside the marble cladding is the management office, while on the left, and fronting the reception, is the waiting room.

The different cabins are distributed along a large central corridor. On one side, cladding and doors, both sliding and pivoting, in local white marble; on the opposite side, enclosures lined in mirror glass alternate with strategic openings that have the mission of allowing natural light into the interior of the cabins while integrating monitors and signage.

The floor is in marble except for the cabin area, where white-coloured resin has been used, and the private zone, with a floor in anthracite-grey resin.

The lighting is provided by indirect fluorescence both along the perimeter and in the centre of the rooms.

Taking advantage of the natural light, at the back of the clinic are two operating theatres with an intermediate lab area. Following the corridor and delimited by the mirrored sliding door is the private zone: pantry, changing rooms, sterilisation lab, machinery room and private lavatories.

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Emplazamiento: Lascaray, 2 - 01008 Vitoria. Autor: Estudio Rifé. Francesc Rifé, interiorista. Promotor: Gdent. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo