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Restaurant in Barcelona

Sandra Tarruella Interioristas

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The main characteristic of the establishments of the Tragaluz Group, which achieve an always difficult and brilliant balance between gastronomy and interior design, manifests itself once again in this new restaurant situated in Barcelona's “Ensanche”.
The first feeling the entrance to this restaurant transmits is of a certain domesticity, something like "coming home ". The conversion of this old house in Barcelona's Ensanche has conserved all of its original elements and proportions such as the layout, the great staircase and all the existing ceiling cornices. Covering the courtyard with a great conservatory-type enclosure recovers this outdoor space to create a new dining room that visually expands the adjacent rooms and allows the diner to enjoy the indoor vegetation.
This new establishment is accessed via a small grocery shop selling select products that the client can take home to cook at home but that also serve as the basis for the dishes prepared in the restaurant kitchen. Fresh vegetables, cheeses and conserves among others are on display in a play of wooden cubes inside a structure recovered from some shelving that in the past belonged to the jewellery shop located in this anteroom.
From this small shop one has a glimpse of the courtyard and main dining room at the back, reached through a waiting area with a long bench and low tables or via the main staircase, with a new volume in the manner of a wooden box of merchandise that conceals the lavatory.
The bar, where one can also have a meal, is situated in the old drawing room of the house. It is a clean volume in white marble, with a great white iron contraption hanging from the ceiling, again holding, as in the grocery shelving, the wooden boxes that accommodate the bottles as well as the parchment lamps.
The project also recovers some of the aspects of the first Mordisco restaurant of the Tragaluz Group, such as the communal table underneath the large Mariscal picture, photographs and other mementos of the different artists who frequented that establishment, or the salad table, now on display in the courtyard.
The new concrete floor that also shapes the continuous bench of the courtyard, the combination of tables and chairs, the cushions made from undershirt fabric, the veneered wood and the white-lacquered iron, together with recovered pieces of furniture, give the project a Nordic and dynamic air while maintaining a very domestic scale.
In the upper floor, in contrast to the ground floor, it was sought to produce a warmer and more elegant air in the rooms that accompany the new stone cocktail bar. These old bedrooms have been furnished with sofas upholstered in aged velvet, different armchairs and low tables. A reading corner has also been created, with a fireplace entirely lined in aged wood.

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Excelente restaurante
frk80 / 25.12.2016

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Localización: Pasaje de la Concepción. Barcelona. Autor: Sandra Tarruella Interioristas. Colaboradores: Laura Muñoz, Cecilia Moretti. Diseño gráfico: Mario Eskenazi. Constructora: Blausmo Sta Coloma. Promotor: Grupo Tragaluz. Fotografía: Jordi Sarrà.
Suppliers list
Constructora: Blausmo Sta Coloma
Mobiliario: Arkitektura, Idees, Santa & Cole
Lámparas: Llums Fontvella, Idees
Alfombras: Comercial de Moquetas y Parquet
Tapicería: Tapicería Aranda

Sandra Tarruella
Jordi Sarrà Arau