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Restaurant in Valencia

Francesc Rifé, interiorista

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An atmosphere imbued in a great deal of spatial appeal and dominated by the archaeological remains of the gothic civil architecture of the city of Valencia is the protagonist of this brilliant restaurant project that will have to share its functions with the future Hotel Palacio Marqués de Caro.

The restaurant, with almost 400 metres square, forms part of the Hotel Palacio Marqués de Caro that is still under construction, though it can operate independently.

The project, which posed much technical difficulty, had to conserve three major elements: the sixteenth-century wall, the cistern and a seventeenth-century gothic arch. The excavation permitted recovering a large part of these three elements pertaining to the gothic civil architecture of the city of Valencia and integrating them into the new spaces, both in the vestibule and dining spaces and in the kitchen. The rest of the functional programme has been resolved in a neutral manner, using “fumé”-type reflecting glass to line the vertical and horizontal surfaces. This has given centre stage to the three above-mentioned elements. A glazed cubic annexe completes the configuration of the entire dining room area, with this space also being planned for use as the hotel's breakfast room.

The main area of the hall is located below the terrace/lobby of the hotel, and this has permitted creating a longitudinal roof light that allows natural light into this semi-buried zone during the entire day. Different textures such as the gloss resin floors, the carpeting and the partial textile wall lining complete this space with intelligent architectural simplicity.

The cistern element has been excavated in order to accommodate the restaurant lavatories and has been clad on the outside in a glazed skin that holds a large wine cellar inside it while operating as a separation element between the access and cocktail area and the dining room. This access and cocktail area also constitutes the client reception given that, facing the wall as it does, it also operates as a hinge between the hotel's internal connection, the restaurant access and the actual glazed element.

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Localización: Almirante, 14. 46003 Valencia. Autor: Francesc Rifé, interiorista. Colaboradores: Estudio Rifé. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
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Carpintería: Fusteria Ebenisteria Brañas
Cristalería: Cristalería Bonanova
Metalistería: Metalistería de Metall
Pintura: Pintura i Estuc
Equipamiento cocina: Lerox-Equip
Instalación eléctrica: Inel
Textil: Kvadrat
Mobiliario: Ziru

Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo