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Hotel in León

Virginia González Rebollo y José María Ruiz Sanz, arquitectos

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The difficulties inherent to locating within the same built complex a variety of uses of high urban impact (hospital, hotel, restaurant, shopping centre and car park) have here been resolved thanks to the use of a powerful architectural language that allows a global view of the whole.

In the year 2006 the City Hall decided to hold a public competition to adjudicate the transfer for tertiary use of a 64,000-square metre plot in the vicinity of a hospital complex. Building plans included a hotel, restaurant, commercial area and a car park. Topographically this is an irregular-shaped, markedly longitudinal platform that borders to the north-east with the hospital entrance and descends 10 metres in an abrupt fashion to the level of the street that borders the plot on the south-west.

The northern end of this street is the only access to the hospital. Pedestrian communication between both levels, bridging the physical barrier of the slope, has thus been one of the points for special consideration in the development of this project.

The response to a dense pre-defined programme, as well as the physical conditions of its surrounds, have resulted in a global project that accepts the peculiarity of the location and turns it into its backbone. It rejects growing above the level of the top platform and chooses to envelop the slope in the car park and hotel complex, thus allowing the building itself to serve as a link between the two levels. By this criterion, the heterogeneous pairing of hotel and car park becomes the plinth for a generous landscaped pedestrian space that extends as far as the hospital. Emerging from it, enveloped in parterres, are the entrances to the underground car park.

The hotel's ground plan occupies a central position, embedded in the car park but with a wide gap interposed between them that extends over the three levels, thus allowing natural light into the corridors that lead to the rooms.

The volume of the complex emerges from the level of the public square and expands its ground-plan occupation to the restaurant spaces as well as to the reception and administration area along the south-west limit of the plot. Both zones are linked up via a wide walkway built from two large metallic trusses holding the lounge and rest areas and overlook one of the pedestrian accesses to the square.

The view of the hotel from the upper-level public space is marked by the large lineal roof light flanked by the restaurant and reception entrances as well as the zinc roof that descends in a graded fashion and extends partially to the walls.

From the lower level, the differences in colour and texture between the phenol board cladding of the hotel and the perforated sheet metal of the car park do not prevent them both being perceived as part of the same surface, whose discontinuity is broken by the pedestrian accesses that lead to the upper level via a suite of ramps and stairs.

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Situación: León. Autor: Virginia González Rebollo y José María Ruiz Sanz. Colaboradores: María José Calvo Rodríguez, Rafael Astorga Fernández, Anna Martín Alegre, Fernando Campos Fernández, Joaquín Olmo Martínez. Aparejadores: Victorino González Ochoa, José Luis Ulibarri Cormenzana. Constructora: Begar. Constructora Cepedana. Promotor: Leocasa Inversiones. Carpintería de aluminio: Cortizo. Fotografía: José María Peña Chueca y Fernando Campos.
Suppliers list
Estructura: Precesa
Fachada de zinc: Almilcar Cubiertas y Pizarras
Fachada de paneles: Trespa
Muro cortina: Aluminios Cortizo
Carpintería: Carpintería del Torío.
Acabados porcelánicos: Stonker Porcelanosa
Pavimento laminado: Alloc clase 5
Iluminación: Hansgrohe
Mobiliario: Fisura

Virginia González Rebollo
José María Ruiz Sanz
José María Peña Chueca