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Pomme Sucre

Francesc Rifé, interioriorista

FAD Awards finalist 2010  Interior design
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This establishment, destined for use as a pastry shop, is based on a subtle, profound and to some extent magical consideration, both of the product on display and of the components that contribute to shape it, incorporating images more typically found in a jeweller’s, attending to an almost liturgical view of its gastronomic values.

This is the first shop in a series of franchises that originates in Oviedo and will follow in other Spanish cities, headed by the master pastry chef from Gijón, Julio Blanco. The pastry shop covers two floors: the first one, with approximately 35 metres square, holds the shop and the basement floor, with another 35 metres square, the bakery and storeroom, as well as a lavatory and a refrigeration chamber.

The project is as basic as its pretension to connect the three key products of pastry making: flour, eggs and cocoa. It is materially translated into white opal, yellowish resins and smoked mirror, respectively. The project seeks to symbolise the three elements in an intelligent and subtle way in order to integrate both the cold-storage glass cabinets and the neutral ones while taking the interior lighting very much into account by creating a cold backlighting that absorbs the watts of heat that might damage the product on display. The glass cabinets have been designed like suspended glass boxes fitted with major technological advances to prevent the phenomenon of condensation, incorporating a base of screens backlit with LEDs. The white opal has also been used to backlight the brand and to clad the entire ceiling.

The basement floor is accessed via a staircase enclosed in smoked grey transparent glass as a continuation of the mirrored wall in the same colour, creating an almost magical situation as it merges the notion of which part is glass and which the wall. The smoked mirror zone is built from small breaks that imitate a chocolate tablet. In front of this glazed area, also suspended, is the cash register area: a unit clad in the same white opal and resting on the back of a storage unit finished in the same resins used for the floor and housing the electrics, a small coffee maker and the peripheral kitchenware.

Intercalated to contrast with the white walls are small niches in yellow fitted with interior lighting to highlight the firm’s packaged products.

The façade, in contrast to the interior of the establishment, has been treated with a black phenol cladding that integrates both the signage and the show window, which is flush with the cladding and the night-time door to thus give the appearance of a completely flat plane that contrasts with the old adjacent buildings.

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Localización: Covadonga, 21. Oviedo. Autor: Francesc Rifé, interiorista. Colaboradores: Estudio Rifé. Promotor: Pomme Sucre. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo