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Disseny Hub Barcelona (DHUB)

LaGasulla, identidad DHUB, y LaGasulla + Soon in Tokyo, comunicación DHUB (Campaña exterior)

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The Disseny Hub Barcelona – Design Hub Barcelona (DHUB) is a new centre dedicated to promoting knowledge, understanding and good use of the world of design; a space that aims to become something more than a museum or an “official” institution. It wants to be all this, but also something more. That is how the “design hub” that is the DHUB has been turned into an operative system that transcends its physical space to become the nucleus of a red of creators, custodians and consumers of all types of design.
This is a centre that seeks to observe the past and present of this discipline in order to stimulate research and promote its activities by collaborating with the business environment. The DHUB is a space for dialogue and critique aimed at professionals, which will spread its knowledge among the public at large. It is not a museum, an arts centre or a laboratory. It is the integration of a museum, an arts centre and a laboratory. It is the Design Hub of Barcelona, because it seeks to be the nerve centre of a series of institutions, arts centres, museums, abs, businesses and people who work for and with design.
We created a long-term strategic plan and formulated a creative work concept: “To Connect”. It is an idea that clearly explains the values and essences of this hub without losing its complexity. It helps us to create a new iconography and a system of slogans (besides the graphic identity system itself) that allows us to explain and encompass all of the above-mentioned philosophy.
The Disseny Hub Barcelona connects Barcelona with the world, and the world with Barcelona. The past with the present. The present with the future. Practice with theory. Analogue with digital. Miss Mary with Tibor Kalman, Frank Ghery or Yves Saint Laurent. It connects complexity with easiness. It connects. Et cetera.
The visual identity of Disseny Hub Barcelona has the principal characteristic of being an open system composed of three elements: a grid, a set of construction pieces and a typography in isometric perspective. The three elements are combined together, giving rise to very different formal results (but without losing their identity) and responding to different types of logic of application: mathematics and the theory of sets, physics, geometry, the theory of colour…
Its identity has been devised for development on audiovisuals in movement. It is therefore not a logo with rigid norms of application but a system of visual identification that represents the values of the DHUB as a design hub that groups, processes and distributes information, activities, resources and actions connected with this sector.

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Identidad DHUB: LaGasulla. Comunicación DHUB (Campaña exterior): LaGasulla + Soon in Tokyo
Soon in Tokyo