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La Xina

Sandra Tarruella & Isabel López, interioristas

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This is a project that goes further than convention in the pursuit of an idea of the space that, leaving aside the layout of furniture and materials, seeks to evoke sensations associated with its use, even though this has meant adopting a series of clichés from Chinese culture.
The ground floor is divided into three spaces: the kitchen, which becomes the great protagonist right from the moment one enters the restaurant, the central dining room, limited on three of its sides by a collage of Chinese lattices and, in parallel to the façade, a “show window” space formed from a table of notable dimensions and red in colour, illuminated by a great parchment dragon that creates a visual connection between the ground and first floors, inviting the client to locate the access from the Ramblas.
The upper floor surprises us with its great bar and a central kitchen that shows off the work of the chefs. The treatment of this space basically uses two materials, iron and wood. Iron, the cladding that conceals the kitchen, lavatories and slides down the double space to the ground floor, accommodates the smoke extraction from the kitchen. Wood is on the floor, in the cladding of the bar and furniture and in the Chinese lattices that cover the walls. The lighting here centres on the cooking area and the bar, creating spotlights above each client.
The third and last space in this establishment is a very low mezzanine whose windows give on to Las Ramblas. This space has been treated in a somewhat different manner to the others given its peculiarity.
Here noble materials have been used, like wood for the furniture veneer and in the Chinese lattices that cover the walls. Owing to its low height, a plastic material has been used for the ceiling, elastic and tensioned, that creates a mirror effect and visually multiplies the height of the space. This resource brings a special touch of magic to this spot, accented even further through the lamps that aesthetically resemble the typical Chinese lanterns, in different dimensions and spread over the entire ceiling surface to create reflections that boost and enrich this space. In this way, textures, colours, smells, the steam from the kitchens, the ornament of the lattices, the gloss lacquer and its reflections, the aged patina of the wood, the wall lamps that look like lanterns and the symbolism of the dragon lamp evoke an atmosphere that recalls Chinese culture and achieves a baroque, differentiated environment that is nevertheless contemporary in essence.

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Emplazamiento: Barcelona. Autor: Sandra Tarruella e Isabel López. Colaboradores: Manel Soler, director de coordinación de proyecto. Promotor: Grupo Tragaluz. Constructora: Movical. Fotografía: Olga Planas.
Sandra Tarruella
Isabel López Vilalta