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Silla. Valencia

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Cosentino Showroom

Francesc Rifé, interiorista

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An innovative space with the vocation of providing information, training, experimentation and dialogue; a meeting point for professionals from the sector where they can establish direct contact with the product displayed in an atmosphere characterised as a stone “boutique”, the material at the centre of this commercial intervention.

The space covers a surface of five hundred metres square spread over two floors. The first of these, at street level, has been developed with the intention of housing the presentation of novelties and exhibition of the two brands of the group, while the mezzanine floor, accessed via a lift or a staircase, is dedicated to the treatment of both materials, both in ventilated facades and as technical floors. Both floors are linked by a large window that allows natural light into the space, while forcing the projection zones to the back sections of each level.

The idea of this project is to give the visitor full freedom of movement in the establishment, and to this end the design is for a polyvalent, neutral space in a white colour both in floors and in vertical surfaces, strategically containing the different models of marble, limestone, slate, granite or “silestone”. The colour white, applied in the form of resins, gives centre stage to each one of the materials on display, while a break-up based on black steel platens serves to display all of the materials in an integrated manner, treating equally the horizontal and the vertical surfaces.

The character of the project has the objective of transmitting a certain industrial appearance, keeping the ceilings and backing of the display panels in their original brick, painted in black. Openings contrived in the white false ceiling allow for the inlets of the air conditioning pipes and house various alternatives to stage lighting. The rest of the lighting is resolved through the installation of a profile that, in an orderly way and connecting the entire break-up, provides general lighting for the entire space.

The layout of the spaces, sub-spaces or sets is achieved by unfolding the same break-up of white modules delimited with steel sheeting or platens, installed vertically. This achieves a zoning that permits the visitor to circulate in an orderly manner.

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Localización: Silla (Valencia). Autor: Francesc Rifé. Colaboradores: Estudio Rifé. Construcción: Coarco. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo