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Provisional Santa Eulalia shop

Sandra Tarruella, Isabel López y Ricard Trenchs, interioristas

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The Santa Eulalia luxury boutique has moved to a temporary space, adjacent to the current one, for the duration of the remodelling works on the original establishment. The new shop has been devised as an ephemeral creation; hence the conception of the interior design project, which has taken into account a set of sustainable criteria that will one day allow them to be easily and economically recovered.

The temporality of this space marks the development of the project. The new shop occupies 770 metres square divided into six levels, structured into a zigzag. The upper levels are dedicated to women’s wear, while the lower ones accommodate the men’s section. At the back of the shop, on the first level, a huge wooden cube that houses the staircase gives access to the bespoke tailoring facilities.

The entrance to the shop starts from a large polyhedral volume made from timber recovered from old scaffolding that gives a glimpse of the interior through small windows. To the right, a huge shop window on a double level links up with the lower floors and gives depth to the space while bringing natural light into the ground floor. This street-level floor also accommodates the rest of the decoration and structural elements of the shop: white-painted exposed brick walls, iron rods hanging from the ceiling that act as hangers, large mirrors and supporting elements in polished iron. At the back, a staircase leads to the upper and lower floors.

Another characteristic element of the new temporary shop is a huge wooden cube, inside which is a staircase leading to the bespoke tailoring facilities. This space has been treated in a different way, with grey-carpeted floors, wooden units also tinted in grey and two dressing rooms with natural light that give on to an inner block courtyard painstakingly decorated with jasmine, aromatic plants, wood and stones.

The space is characterised by the use of neutral hues, specifically white for the brick walls and the cast iron columns. The materials chosen are noble and natural: wood, stone and iron which, together with a series of alveolar paper panels, create an enveloping “skin” that wraps up the product while giving the space an ephemeral yet warm and restrained appearance.

In order for the temporary space to have a minimal environmental impact, the waste from the shop’s construction process has been reduced, paints and glues with low toxic emissions have been used, and the materials are either recycled or recyclable, such as the mobile Kraft paper panels made by the Canadian company Molo Design. This material permits the creation of structural elements such as the softwalls, which are here used to delimit the different spaces.

The air conditioning delimited by zones, the glass panes separated by chambers filled with argon gas to prevent the loss of interior temperature, the use of low-temperature light bulbs and the closed cycles of furniture and installations, designed to be reintroduced into the productive cycle at the end of their useful life, are other elements taken into account in the design of the new shop.

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Localización: Paseo de Gracia 93. Barcelona. Autores: Sandra Tarruella, Isabel López y Ricard Trenchs. Colaboradores: Margarita Ferrer, responsable de proyecto, ,Laura Muñoz, Isabel Rodríguez, Cecilia Moretti, Marc López. Project manager: Damián Mayol. Constructora: Damián Mayol. Promotor: Santa Eulalia. Fotografía: Jose Hevia. Jordi Sarrà.
Sandra Tarruella
Isabel López Vilalta
Trenchs, Ricard