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Francesc Rifé, interiorista

FAD Award 2009  Interior design
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A façade of minimalist conception invites us to enter a restaurant that, situated in an environment lacking in urban quality, transforms its interior by means of optical effects achieved through lights and mirrors in a space of high ambient quality.

Gastromium, situated in the district of El Porvenir in Seville, is a restaurant measuring 242 metres square, situated in the ground floor of a residential building, boasting an access with a powerful visual impact in which stand out a set of large sliding doors in black sheet metal that manage to create a transition space between the exterior and the interior of the establishment, an effect emphasised by the contrast between the black sheet metal of the sliding door and the luminosity of the white restaurant interior. When the great black sliding door is open, the door is integrated into the façade of the building, as is the sign and the lighting.

The entire space breathes restraint and rationality, reinforced with elements such as upholstered units in grey and gold that have a double function: decorative and as technical elements that improve the acoustics of the premises while interacting with the restaurant façade, given that the establishment has been conceived as a large transparent glass case.

In the waiting area, an intimate anteroom for drinking cocktails and choosing the menu, the protagonist is a unit that integrates the cash register, the IT installations as well as the food and wine menus. This unit is upholstered like the rest of the volumes and therefore integrates into the interior architecture as a whole.

The dining room with its great height has been decorated with 286 purpose-designed lamps fitted with a dimmer switch that allows the light of the entire room to be adjusted. The different rods, placed at a height of two metres, shape a continuous mesh that “cuts down” the height of the establishment, bringing light to the tables and achieving a perfect light intensity.

The units, the protagonists of the space, balance it out and are reflected in the mirror of the opposite side, which houses the pantry and food preparation zone and a private dining room. This whole mirrored wall begins in the waiting room and integrates the cloakroom area and the units holding the cutlery and dinner service. Thanks to the mirrored effect a geometrically even space has been achieved.

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Localización: Sevilla. Interiorismo: Estudio Rifé. Francesc Rifé. Constructor: BEC. Fotografía: Fernando Alda.
Francesc Rifé
Fernando Alda Calvo