Urbanistic development and intervention on the landscape

Berlín. Alemania

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Floating swimming pool on the river Spree

AMP Arquitectos. Felipe Artengo Rufino, Fernando Martín Menis, Jose Mª Rodríguez-Pastrana Malagón y Suzanne Lorenz, artista colaboradora

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The German state association Stadkunst Projekte (Cultural City Projects) promotes, through art, the relations between the urban environment and everyday life. With this objective it organised an international competition to integrate the river Spree in the city of Berlin. The Canaries practice AMP Arquitectos, at the time composed of José María Rodríguez Pastrana, Felipe Artengo Rufino and Fernando Martín Menis, and the Berlin artist Susanne Lorenz, won the competition that had another thirty-two participants from over twelve countries. The result is an innovative project that proposes to liven up the river Spree that crosses the city of Berlin with the installation of a place of leisure as the best way of optimising and activating this part of the city, situated in the busy district of Treptow, in Kreuzberg, to the east of the city, and dotted with street markets, concerts, theatre and floating bar boats that have transformed it into a trendy part of the city. The idea consisted of recovering the river as a bathing space, in keeping with the tradition of the old nineteenthcentury public baths. The project is based on the reuse of a sunken boat as a floating public swimming pool, creating a new leisure space next to the old Berlin wall. The result is a pool submerged in the waters, accessed via a bridge that issues from a fictitious beach. Optically it seems that one is bathing in the river, though in fact immersion takes place in an old industrial barge that had been used to transport coal and that, with a depth of almost two metres and a half, a width of eight and a length of thirty metres, is submerged in the waters of a river that seeks to form active part of the city.

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Emplazamiento: Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlín. Autores: AMP Arquitectos. Felipe Artengo Rufino, Fernando Martín Menis y Jose Mª Rodríguez-Pastrana Malagón, y Suzanne Lorenz, artista colaboradora. Colaboradores: Gil Wilk, arquitecto, y Juan José Gallardo, ingeniero. Promotores: Stadtkunstprojekte e.V. Berlin. Heike Catherina Müller. Arena. Contratista: Ute Schimmelpfennig für m.o.l.i.t.o.r. Constructora: MBS-Märkische Bunker und Service. Fotografía: Uwe Walter.
Felipe Artengo Rufino
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Fernando Martín Menis
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
José Mª Rodríguez-Pastrana
Santa Cruz de Tenerife
AMP Arquitectos
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canarias