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Huéscar. Granada

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The Keep

Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas, arquitecto

FAD Awards finalist 2008  City and landscape
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The Huéscar Keep is a military observation point, which, after its top was lopped off when the city was conquered in 1434, became part of the domestic trousseau. 600years later, the objective is to restore the vision of its horizon, to raise it up until there is a view of the landscape. Restoration here above all involves being able to see.The topographic conditions of the location favour the establishment of a network for the visual control of the territory, but the liquidation of the Huéscar citadel and cutting back its Homage Tower make it difficult to read these visual links, the relationship between the built and the natural environment, between the monument and the undefined extension of its landscape.The project values the site on these two scales. The close-up one, affirming the landmark in the urban grid, and the distant one, raising a platform in the manner of a vantage point that restores the links between city and territory, between domestic space and landscape.

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Emplazamiento: Huéscar, Granada. Autor: Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas, arquitecto. Colaboradores: Maria Jesús Conde Sánchez y Miguel Ángel Ramos Puertollano, arquitectos técnicos, Nicolás Torices Abarca, licenciado en Historia del Arte, y José Manuel López Osorio, arquitecto, Manuel Guzmán Castaños, ingeniero, José Valero Jovagema, estructura de madera, Carmen Tienza Durán, restauradora, y Stephane Pigeon, Alberto García Moreno, David Arredondo Garrido, Miguel Dumont Mingorance, María del Carmen Ramos Puertollano, Francisco Fernández Ballesteros, y Marie Giraud, arquitectos. Promotor: Consejería de Cultura de la Junta de Andalucía. Constructora: Estructuras y Vías del Sur. Fotografía: Jesús Granada y Vicente del Amo.
Antonio Jiménez Torrecillas