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Palafolls. Barcelona

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Palafolls public library

Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT. Enric Miralles, Benedetta Tagliabue, arquitectos

FAD Awards finalist 2008  Architecture
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The Enric Miralles Library situated in the Parque de las Esplanes features a surface of 623 metres square distributed over a single storey. Construction began in the year 1998 and almost ten years later it has been inaugurated. The building was planned as a semi-underground construction to allow the roof to look like the profile of a mountain chain. In this way, the undulating zinc roof acquires special relevance, creating a landscape of metallic dunes in the midst of a landscaped park. For the architects it was essential to integrate the building into its natural surroundings, and that is how it was developed.The structure of the library is organised according to a system of pillars that operate independently. In the top part is a cornice that protects a window running along the entire profile of the building. On the outside, the walls form reading courtyards and gardens.

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Emplazamiento: Palafolls. Barcelona. Autores: Miralles Tagliabue – EMBT Enric Miralles, Benedetta Tagliabue, arquitectos. Dirección de la obra 2000 –2007: Josep Ustrell. Proyecto ejecutivo, 1999 –2007: Makoto Fukuda, Josep Ustrell. Colaboradores: Catalina Montaña, Lorena Gálviz, Marco Orozco, Daniele Romanelli, Ornella Lazzari, Marco Darío Chirdel, Tomoko Sakamoto, Sania Belli, Koichi Tono, Markus Lechelt, Jan Maurits Locke, Juan Carlos Mejía del Valle, Adrien Versuere, Richard Breit, FlorenciaVetcher, Jad Salhab, Nils Becker, Ezequiel Cattaneo, Manuela Schubert, Marco Orozco, Josep Mias, Daniele Romanelli, Catalina Montaña, Ornella Lazzari. Natalia Leone. Ingeniería: STATIC, Gerardo González, Barcelona, Nilo Lletjós (IOC). Servicios: PGI, Instalaciones Arquitectónicas. Proyecto básico, 1998: Makoto Fukuda, Hirotaka Koizumi. Colaboradores: Guillame Faraut, Angel Gaspar Casado. Concurso: Primer Premio, agosto 1997. Colaboradores: Elena Rocchi. Michael Eichorn, Niels Martin Larsen, Nicolai Lund Overgaard, Isabel Sambeth, Ana Maria Romero, Germán Rojas, Carlos Alberto Ruiz, Alfonso López, Marc de Rooij. Promotor: Ayuntamiento de Palafolls. Fotografía: Duccio Malagamba.
Enric Miralles
Benedetta Tagliabue
EMBT Arquitectes