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Sula Restaurant

Francesc Rifé

FAD Awards finalist 2007  Interior design
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The premises available attain a total surface of almost four hundred metres square divided up into three differentiated levels, with greatly elongated dimensions and a large proportion of glass opening to the outside. The dominating piece in the intervention is a glass two-face cooling cabinet that extends over the entire height of the premises to facilitate the recovery of the interior height of the premises. The texts printed on the glass panes of the external facade give them a certain restraint, without thereby losing the homogeneous appearance of the visual indoor-outdoor relationship.
Since October 24, calle Jorge Juan in Madrid has a new restaurant called Sula. This is a reinterpreted version of the typical Madrid tapas restaurant, but with a cosmopolitan, fresh air inspired in New York. It was born of the fusion between the good cooking of Quique DaCosta, the Mediterranean flavour of the Joselito hams and the rational design of Francesc Rifé. This combination of good practices is translated, along the length and breadth of the space, into an exquisite, warm yet eye-catching atmosphere.
This is a space of elongated proportions with almost four hundred metres square of available surface space that features a very wide glass facade and therefore abundant natural light. In total the premises cover three storeys, each one of them with highly differentiated functions.
The dominating piece of the new establishment is a two-face glass cooler situated in its geometric centre. Owing to its double height, this piece manages to divide the premises in two to form two different areas, besides storing select bottles of wine and cava. In the first area is the bar, while the second one houses the delicatessen boutique and an innovative chamber for storing ham. The chamber, situated at the entrance of the premises between the bar and the shop, acts as a hinge and appears as if in a magic show. Thanks to being clad in cool light and to a set of sensors in the adjacent spaces, when the public passes through here, openings crack open in the wall cladding to show the pure pleasures offered by the firm Joselito.
A third element is a staircase that descends to the lavatories and the kitchen and in an ascending sense leads to the restaurant. It is on this second height where, from the perimeter baluster of the stairwell, a glimpse of the bar a few metres below is provided. Predominating here are the countertops in micro-flamed Zimbabwe granite, in the case of the bar, the black-painted metallic profiles and a play of glass and crystal but, above all and to break up the coldness of the rest of the components, oil-treated oak that has been fitted in slats to envelop numerous spaces and achieves a perfectly balanced space.
The restaurant zone retains a similarity with the bar zone but adds certain design elements such as the tables or the chairs. Other imaginative components are the glass ceiling housing the lighting and integrating projection and music equipment, creating different ambiences at will. All of them feature the essential ingredients for a new vision of contemporary luxury: painstaking details, restraint, elegance and quality.

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Emplazamiento: calle Jorge Juan. Madrid. Autor: Francesc Rifé, diseñador. Proyecto: Sula by Quique Dacosta. Construcción: Sostec. Fotografía: Eugeni Pons
Francesc Rifé
Eugeni Pons
Lloret, Girona