Classe 300

ON358 - FEB/2016


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Range of video entry monitors with a sophisticated design, offering maximum security for the home. They incorporate a 7-inch touchscreen with a glass-like glossy finish. These devices provide access to a wide range of functions through their graphical interface, which is inspired by current smartphones. Simple and intuitive, they are activated by way of touch-sensitive keys, which also incorporate a tactile element to make them more recognisable and easier to press. Also of note is the answerphone feature, which can record a video of the people at the door. If the residents need to leave, this range can also leave a pre-recorded audio message. The available functions include: panel auto-on, a “notes” function to leave written or spoken messages to other residents, and an intercom function. The devices are available in two finishes (light and dark). Their curved and metallic design with rounded angles reduces their apparent thickness. They adapt to any atmosphere and requirement, and can be mounted on walls or combined with a mounting accessory as a tabletop version.

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