Milano Design Week

Milan, 17-22.april.2012

New Logica System

Gabriele Centazzo


Novelty system to house and conceal all the kitchen equipment: drainer, scales, small appliances, removable containers for cooking, bottle holders, electrical plugs, taps, hangers for kitchen utensils and even the extractor hood.

With the New Logica System island version you can subdivide the space, concealing it or exposing it to the view of the occupier.

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Floating Spaces


System of recently developed panels combined with asymmetrical units and shelves that transform the kitchen and living room into a single space, integrating elements from the kitchen into the architectural context.

The combination of the new 5005L programmes, in gloss lotus white and 4004H, in white beech, create a very light Nordic atmosphere. The gloss handles form an attractive contrast to the matt aluminium elements with polished edges of the panel system.

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Kitchens are turning to design and are blending into other rooms in the house. The furniture integrates into the architecture through smooth, handle-free fronts that also reinforce the concept of a space that is not intended only for cooking. The smooth fronts facilitate the work in the kitchen and propitiate continuity between the different rooms.

The total absence of handles is one of the most characteristic features of the model. To make this possible, Santos has developed a novelty system of opening in which the frame adapts to acquire the functions of a handle.

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Norbert Wangen


Designed as an integral part of the Norbert Wangen collection, k20 maintains the composability of the k14 kitchen modules and introduces new aesthetic variations for both work surfaces and for doors. The result is a more rigorous product that creates a kitchen with an even more compact appearance.

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Fabrizio Crisà


Extractor hood in a small size and compact format whose shape arises from the intersection of two “C”-shaped cases, an external, aesthetic and coloured one that joins up to another one in smooth or perforated steel to form a 35-centimetre cube.

The extractor surface covers three sides and features various extraction typologies: along the perimeter or with perforated stainless sheet steel. It offers two possibilities: a filtering and an extracting modality. It can be wall- or ceiling-mounted for the island version. Versions in white, black, red, ochre, light blue, orange and grey.

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Giuseppe Bavuso

Ernesto Meda

A project based on the study of the materials and technological solutions such as the creation of the Alt door and the opening and closing systems of the doors, columns and extractable peninsula. Icon is characterised by its premium materials such as heat-treated wood and other more technical and rigorous ones such as glass, Corian® and lacquers.

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Bultahup B3


Independent system of drawers and extractable units to increase choice. Produced in the formal language that characterises Bulthaup, the system has an unmistakable image: a programme of mutually compatible elements that establishes new references in regard to design, selection of materials, precision in the finish and functionality.

The timeless character of the design permits greater individual play in the configuration of the kitchen, and the quality and perfection of the finish give the system strength and solidity. Versions in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and solid wood.

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Placa de cocción iXelium™


Hob made from Xelium™, a revolutionary material resulting from the application of nanotechnology. Easy to clean and capable of making the kitchen more sparkling and durable. Immune to the signs of everyday use, it is affected by chemical products and mechanical action. In addiion, the patented technology in the five burners provides maximum energy efficiency and savings of up to 18% of the time required to reach boiling point and up to 15% in gas consumption.