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Layer x Panasonic


Layer design estudio has collaborated with Panasonic in order to explore the intersection between home, wellbeing and technology. The result is “Balance of being”, a collection of six near-future designs that combine emerging technology with sophisticated experience design, and explore how we can have more meaningful engagements with products and how we take care of ourselves.

Lift: A smart cooking appliance using advanced heat, pressure technology and sensors to “lift” food to its most optimal nutritional state.

Shot: Based on a smart visual analysis of skin condition, Shot combines a selection of fresh frozen fruit and vegetables with the camera sensing on the front of the device as well as advanced AI to create highly-nutritious, bespoke drinks.

Tone: A fashion-led necklace that improves the complexion and health of the skin using steam and LED light treatments.

Grow: An advanced LED light therapy for a person’s hair to promote healthy growth. It understands hair condition and structure to identify an appropriate treatment.

Wave: A smart massaging device for the head that can be used to relieve stress at home or work. Mapping and evaluating the level of tension, Wave determines the length of time, method and intensity of the experience.

Ease: A skin care device that works while you sleep. By understanding the quality of your skin, it delivers lighting and mist to elevate your skin condition.

All products react by means of each individual needs in order to deliver incredibly personal outputs. Materials including glazed ceramic, refined timber and constructed textiles have been used in a pale tonal palette, allowing these tech products to feel natural in the home. The collection is further unified by a consistent set of design details and features.


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