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Participative architecture


Studiomama, the London-based architecture practice, is behind the installation for the Mini car brand present at the Milano Design Week this year, from 17 to 22 April. The proposal showcased a housing concept that allows for close collaboration between residents and architects so that solutions can be found to address the needs of each occupant.

“Mini Living. Built by all” comprised four very personal and attractive homes, each one defined by a colour, sharing a public area, such as a communal kitchen or an outdoor gym.

Oke Hauser, creative director of Mini Living—an initiative launched in 2016 with the aim of designing creative architectural solutions for the urban lifestyles of the future—, used the following words to describe the project’s approach: “Our 'Mini Living. Built by all' transforms individuals into active designers and places them at the centre of the creative process. We consider that the quality of a habitable space is determined by the degree to which residents identify with their home”.

Reflecting Mini's core principle of the “creative use of space”, the project proposed a self-sufficient micro-neighbourhood as an habitable space of the future while making good use of an empty building.


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