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A classic under a new light


The Swiss manufacturer has integrated light and power supply into the structure of its iconic modular system USM Haller, and has done it without a single cable. The adjustable lighting elements are inserted in the tubes with a single movement, and can be employed for different purposes: lighting up shelving units, glass cases and drawers from the inside (by means of sensors) or effectively highlighting a wall with either warm or cold white light. It is also possible to charge mobile devices directly from the structure. As with the lighting sources, the USB chargers can be installed wherever they are needed, flush-mounted in a virtually imperceptible manner in pre-defined empty spaces.

Electricity appears as if by magic, with no visible cables or electrical connection; the actual structure conducts electricity through electronic e-Tubes, e-Balls and e-Connectors that replace traditional components, a solution that has required 7 years of research. The power supply can be obtained by any point near the floor via a cable hidden underneath the piece of furniture that leads directly to a USM Haller e-Ball.

This new power and lighting integration into the load-bearing structure of the units is not the end of the project; instead, it marks the beginning of the future, with ideas as suggestive as control via mobile apps, furniture with touch surfaces and programmable lighting scenarios.


Thunstrasse 55
CH-3110 Münsingen, Switzerland

T/+41 31 720 72 72

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