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New impetus for transforming the Rec de Igualada


The Rec de Igualada is one of the most important urban industrial complexes in Catalonia. The “rec” is a medieval farming irrigation canal that over time became the backbone of a rich system of brickyards. After the gradual abandonment of the historic industrial facilities and subsequent creation of various platforms for protecting and making the most of the area, Igualada is now seeking to give the district a new set of uses.

This summer the verdict was announced on the three ideas competitions organised with the aim of developing a strategy for the district. In regard to public space and urban landscape, the winner was the proposal entered under the slogan of “Confluència” (Convergence) by the team of Marcos Ruiz de Clavijo. For its part, Inventario de Arquitectura won the competition in regard to construction and mix of uses, with the proposal “Una comporta a mida” (A Bespoke Lock Gate). In urban planning and connectivity, the prize went to the team of Lorena Maristany Jackson for its “Clau Rec”. (Rec Key).

The “Confluència” project is based on analysing the landscape of the area’s irrigation ditches and loams, proposing a system of incisions to make the most of the space. The controlled size of the gaps would ensure their collective management. It also plans for the creation of an agri-ecological park for the neighbours’ use. The “Una comporta a mida” project proposes to draft a catalogue of the district’s heritage and style cards to control the interventions on the urban setting. In regard to the uses, it suggests a process that will give greater flexibility to the spaces to favour a mix. The “Clau Rec” proposal seeks to provide a new mobility model for the city and the district. It raises the possibility of integrating the industrial activity by conserving or renovating the brickyards to accommodate dwellings and amenities.

The city, which will organise an exhibition of the winning and shortlisted projects, has announced that it will take the projects into account when drawing up their new Municipal Master Plan.


Plaça de l'Ajuntament, 1
08700 Igualada. Spain

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