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Tubes and the evolution of form


Radiators, towel heaters and other heat-producing pieces are no longer what they were. Traditional materials and classic lines have given way to a painstaking selection of models that combine functionality, design and energy efficiency. This is the case of the signature pieces produced by the Tubes brand: architectural items, veritable heating sculptures that bring harmony to any space.

The Crosetta family company was founded in 1992 in a space of barely 500m2. In its twenty-five years of activity, the goal has always been to seek out the designs combining functionality and aesthetics that give the firm its identity. Their Resana, Treviso headquarters concentrate all of the production activity, involving expert hands, care for detail—which implies the use of non-replaceable resources with automation processes—and high quality standards in each one of the production stages, all of which has led to achieving the very high quality standards that characterise the brand.

Thanks to their sculptural value, Tubes heat-producing devices form part of the permanent design exhibitions in prestigious museums such as Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris and the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.


Via Boscalto, 32
31023 Resana, TV. Italy

T/+39 0423 7161

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