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Fachadas autolimpiantes y sostenibles


Pureti is a treatment for the façade line of Neolith—the brand specialising in large-format compact sintered surface—that generates a photocatalytic, self-cleaning and decontaminating effect.

Thanks to an aqueous base and a titanium dioxide nanoparticle-based treatment, and through the photocatalysis and superhydrophilicity processes, self-cleaning façades are obtained that purify the air.

Properties of Pureti

Self-cleaning: thanks to the photocatalytic effect produced.    

Decontaminating: neutralises substances harmful to the environment.       

Anti-bacterial: as bacterial growth is stopped.       

Anti-odour: completely eliminates bad organic odours.       

Anti-allergen: constantly purifies and improves the air we breathe.


P.I. Camí Fondo 8. C/ Dels Ibers 31
12550 Almassora, Castellón. Spain

T/+34 964 652 233

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