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Working between stretching exercises


Exercise bars for stretching, gymnastics rings, a punching bag, a meeting table that transforms for playing table tennis, an XXL version of the Othello game… in this renovation project for the offices of the Intelton tech consultancy in Bangkok, Thailand, games and physical exercise have been adopted as the guiding thread.

A white-coloured continuous iron structure brings unity to the project: it serves as a handrail in the office entrance, in the central space it becomes the base for a series of seats and tables, and in the back part adopts the form of bars for physical exercise. The Onion architecture and interior design practice in charge of the project distributed the 170-square-metre surface into different zones according to the physical exercises that can be performed in each one of them.

Onion chose to give a second use to the spherical doorknobs on the cupboards, placing them at a higher level to allow them to be used for stretching exercises. It also designed a giant version of the Othello game and placed it on the iron wall of the director’s office. And if the employees are tired after so much exercise, they can have a nap on the elevated platform covered in cushions and situated immediately above the mobile filing cabinets.


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