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New display space for Focus fireplaces


The unmistakable Gyrofocus, the new Slimfocus, the Bathyscafocus, the Agorafocus 850, the Filiofocus, the Ergofocus, the Hubfocus... These are some of the models that can be found in the new showroom of DexoFocus, the importer of Focus fireplaces in Spain; a new display and sales space intended for both professionals and customers.

Ergofocus in the colour white is displayed in a prominent spot as the Focus presentation card, showcasing a colour option that is very much in demand. It should be emphasised that DexoFocus is the brand’s only showroom worldwide to display this innovative piece, which has not yet been officially presented.

It was in the year 1967 when the sculptor Dominique Imbert created the first fireplace for personal use in his atelier, at the foot of the Cévennes National Park in southern France. He later reproduced it for people who were enthusiastic about the design, and this is how Focus was born. Today these emblematic fireplaces can be found in both private residences and in the world’s most prestigious design museums (New York, Stockholm, etc.) and have been recognised with numerous international awards.


Edif. Torre Fórum. Local 1
08930 Sant Adrià de Besòs, Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 931 890 916

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