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Ventura Lambrate 2017 è tutto, molto e più…


If good taste were a matter of abundance, Ventura Lambrate would be its greatest banner. An explosion of creativity where each expression finds its own space, where each space finds something to display. Lambrate, the old industrial zone and today the most unique and placid district in the whole of Milan, bringed together the best young contemporary design in the eighth edition of the Ventura Project. The inescapable appointment with Fuorisalone accommodates from the most frivolous aesthetic effervescence to the most committed political demands. A place where scientific experimentation, applied through design, coexists with street markets just a few metres away, which sell products of doubtful interest.

In this immersion in vitamin-fuelled ideas, we were welcomed by the digital-art Scola Mhole and the Italiana de Design with workshops on theatre improvisation, shows of hyper-realist art in an industrial language, jazz concerts and a playful atmosphere as a declaration of intent. Ventura Lambrate is such a vast stage that actors as apparently distant from design such as Leroy Merlin find their place and support the so fashionable maker current of objects produced outside the commercial circuit. A show of how the outsiders of new design defy market logic, proposing “recipes” for DIY and open-source products. We should highlight the unstoppable growth of the movement and how it is followed by a legion of increasingly expanding supporters.

Halfway between the academic and the commercial world was unit 15, a very intense space in terms of variety and display animation. The Japanese platform Experimental Creations showcased extremely fine experimentation with the most commonplace organic matter such as food waste, transformed into new materials as interesting as they are hypnotic, or the eco-spheres of pikaplant, which take to the limit the concept of plants in the home, with self-sufficient “flower pots” encapsulated in artisan blown glass that do not need watering.

In these ups and downs from the small to the large, we encountered one of the most emblematic units: with the “People Behind the Product” slogan, Ikea represented its decided commitment to the world of design. A vast space shaped as continuous-creation workshops, together with their latest product collections signed by Tom Dixon and by HAY. A setting unrecognisable from the traditional Ikea, surprisingly inspiring and a point of liveliness during the whole week.

Before reaching the area devoted to the major European universities, there were several units with hundreds of willing designers who endeavoured to convince visitors that their products deserved to be brought into their homes. In units 13 and 14, the best in class provided a balanced vision of where the new generations are coming from. The Spanish schools, such as the Valencia Polytechnic, showed us traditional, well-built furniture proposals with new natural tints for fabrics, which recover and reinterpret traditional wisdom. The Swiss Basel University was impressive in its technical rigour and executive quality, with impeccable proposals of rationalist furniture together with the results of research in new recycling processes and in the manufacture of fungi-materials. Materials and products with such an exceptional finish that they undoubtedly represent a ray of hope for a design that is radically different from what we have hereto known.

Keio University, with its “Design Beyond the Awareness”, taked us to a future where artificial intelligence and the most sophisticated algorithms were capable of identifying our needs, cravings and desires and suggest the best solutions. On the opposite side and with feet firmly planted on the ground, the Swedish Lund Universitie mounted an impressive show of new lighting, an exercise in the reconceptualization of the formal and functional paradigms of luminaires that hybridided technical language with urban and even industrial gestures, softened by a domestic design and excellently prototyped.

Thousands of square metres where the international young designer pool displayed its new formal conjectures, giving us a preview of the domestic plus future fit-outs and where, let’s not beat about the bush, proposals that sound like a record endlessly heard also creeped in. Ventura Lambrate is the ultimate expression of millennial design. Democratic, prolific and incontinent. And again, a benchmark parade of the Milan Design Week.


Nicolaasweg 142
3581 VL Utrecht. The Netherlands

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