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Steelcase and the democratisation of the workspace


The multinational specialising in fitting out workspaces has opened a showroom in Barcelona, which also serves as the company’s office. The project, conceived by the Steelcase designers Nina Dechkova, Paula Sebastián and Marta Pita, showcases a broad range of spaces for choosing where and how to work according to the type of activity being carried out at any given time, regardless of the worker’s hierarchical position.

“We seek increasingly inspiring spaces that make us feel at home but also provide us with all the convenience and efficiency we need in the office. (…) Spaces should be designed in accordance with each organisation’s needs. If we try to emulate what others are doing without first knowing each company’s needs, we will be creating a spectacular décor but also one that will merely lead to the dissatisfaction of the people who will use it”, argues Alejandro Pociña, president of Steelcase.

The goal of this commercial showcase in the recently inaugurated 600-m2 facilities is to provide a response to an incipient business vision that seeks to adapt to the new demands of working environments, with fit-out solutions that concern themselves with physical wellbeing (caring for health through ergonomics, lighting, acoustics and cooling, among other factors) as well as the worker’s cognitive and emotional wellbeing, through environments and furniture that favour creativity, informal meetings, flexibility, concentration and collaboration between people and which also integrate technologies in an intelligent manner in walls, floor and furniture.


Cartagena, 181
08013 Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 932 470 677

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