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Madrid’s Arenal Theatre is now a luxury gym


Madrid’s Arenal Theatre, which dates from 1923, is now a high-end sports centre. The emblematic building transformation was carried out by the interior designers Esebé Interiorismo which, headed by the designer Susana Brogueras, designed a completely renovated space.

For paving the gym’s most relevant and characteristic areas, Brogueras chose Gerfloor, a company manufacturing flexible flooring and high-resilience wall cladding for more than 70 years.

The old stage boxes have become the gym’s VIP chill-place zone, an area decked out with Gerflor multilayer Taralay Impression flooring, reinforced with glass fibre mesh and with Protecsol2 treatment, which prevents stripping and keeps it waxed throughout its useful life; it is also highly resistant to alcohols and other chemical cleaning products.

In the space formerly occupied by the seating area there is now the vast cycling and cardio room. Since it is one with the highest footfall, the flooring chosen was the Gerflor Creation 55 range with click installation system, that allows for rapid dry laying without the need for any kind of adhesive, with the pieces pressure-fitted into each other. Cutting is simple and does not require heavy tools.

In the gym’s free weights area, the placed model was Gerflor Creation 70, also click-laid. The composition of each vinyl tile comprises a transparent layer of use in different thicknesses depending on the footfall they have to withstand, a decorative film and a compact layer reinforced with glass fibre.

The changes in tonality of Gerflor flooring wood finishes seeks to differentiate between the purely sports-related and the transit areas. “This helps us to visually arrange the entire space, achieving aesthetic unity and continuity plus the high levels of quality required for a public space such as a gym”, stresses the interior designer.


Playa de las Américas, 2
28290 Las Rozas, Madrid. Spain

T/+34 916 535 011

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