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This is my Forest: design and love for the planet


As part of the Barcelona Design Week, the high-end brand of wooden flooring Listone Giordano presented the “This is my Forest” platform, an initiative of the Guglielmo Giordano Foundation to promote projects and ideas that, through creativity, foster the protection of the planet.

The proposal allows anyone to disclose their ideal place—whether a landscape, a forest, house, square or city—. To do this they only have to record, photograph or write about the chosen place and share the information through the online application, thus generating a creative act that at the same time transmits a story where nature and love for the planet speak to us of a better world.

During the presentation event of the platform in Barcelona’s Interni showroom, as an example of projects that fit in with the initiative, the collection of majolica vessels by Michele De Lucchi was put on display. They were hand-decorated by Carol Brannigan, who based herself on the Italian architect's designs. The colours for each piece were created through four-colour printing and developed in the labs of the ceramics company Ubaldo Grazia Maioliche. The raw material is the clay extracted from Umbrian rivers, which give their name to each one of these works of art.

De Lucchi’s clear commitment to promoting the industry’s growth and to recovering the craft in a contemporary key is one way of defending the environment and of fostering sustainable creativity.


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