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Interstuhl innovations: ergonomics in office chairs


On the 25 of May the “VintageIS5 Engineered for Excellence by Interstuhl” exhibition was presented in Barcelona at the Bernadí showroom, a family-owned company manufacturing office furniture since 1965.

The event featured the participation of Volker Eysing, German designer at Interstuhl who, through the combination of design, technology and functionality, has imprinted a distinctive character to the VintageIS5 range of office chairs.

From the presentation we highlight three efficient seating solutions that improve office performance and that, besides, are worldwide innovations:

- Auto Flow arms, with adjustable height and width. They readjust automatically, providing a relaxing effect in the neck and shoulder area.

- Smart Motion Technology, adding dynamic seat inclination, with personalised adjustment in order to adapt to every weight and size. This functionality facilitates more frequent posture changes during the workday.

- Mesh lumbar support, a latex layer that provides optimal support of the lumbar region.

Interstuhl is synonymous with technical innovation and maximum product quality, features existing alongside a commitment to the environment and sustainable development.

The exhibition is open until June 16 2017.


José del Hierro, 67
28027 Madrid. Spain

T/+34 914 061 841



Passeig de Sant Joan, 118-120
08037 Barcelona. Spain

T/+34 934 586 300

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