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Inspired in Barcelona: In & Out

The emblematic Palazzo Isimbardi, located in the San Babila Quarter of Milan, hostered during the last edition of Milan Design Week "Inspired in Barcelona: In & Out".

Within the framework of Fuorisaloni, the exhibition gathered a selection of 90 furniture, lighting and textile products by consolidated designers and brands as well as emerging talent of the whole of Catalonia.

The exhibition’s design and concept executed by Emiliana Design Studio sought to recreate a Mediterranean ambience in the courtyard and portico of the Milanese palace, playing with the thin line separating the use of indoor and outdoor space, resorting to Mediterranean shutters as the dividing element between the different scenarios.

In Barcelona, the open spaces stimulate their constant use by the community. The design is evident in the street and enters the buildings in a fusion of creativity, design, architecture and trends, elements that coexist and interact to generate the characteristic style of a city that inspires both tourists and the inhabitants themselves.

Exhibitors list: Aoo Barcelona, Àlex Fernández, Andreu Carulla, Aparentment, Apparatu, Arek Levy, Arlex, BD Barcelona Design, Borja García, Bover Lights, Carme Pinós, Cármenes, Carpyen, Castro Bikes, Curro Claret, Doshi Levien, Emiliana Design Studio, Escofet 1886, Estiluz, Estudi Arola, Eugeni Quitllet, Fluvia, Fundació Arrels, Gabriel Teixidó, Gonzalo Milá, Guimerà i Cinca, Imma Bermúdez, Jaime Hayón, Javier Mariscal, Joan Gaspar, Joquer, Jordi Canudas Studio, Jordi Ribaudí, Jorge Pensi, Josep Vila Capdevila, Kettal, Konstantin Gcric, La Bamba Designs, Lagranja, Lievore & Altherr, Livingthings, Marc Morro, Mario Ruiz, Martín Azúa, Marset, Matias Hahn, Mermelada Estudio, Metalarte, Miguel Milá, Miras Editions, Mobenia, Mobles 114. Mur, Mut, Nahtrang, Nanimarquina, Neighbird, Nomon, Numbered, Nutcreatives, Objects, Odosdesign, Otto Canalda, Parachilna, Patricia Urquiola, Pau Sarquella & Diana Uson Arquitectes, Persiana Barcelona, Planning Sisplamo , Rafael Rodríguez, Ramón Úbeda, Resol Dd, RS Barcelona, Santa & Cole, Sputnik Studio, Stephen Burks, Sybila, Teixidors, Toni Arola, Toru, Vergés Silleria, Vertisol, Víbia, Xavier Mañosa y Xavier Mora.


Corso Monforte, 35
20122 Milan. Italy



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