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Creativity Competition at Tejidos Trevira CS


The Trevira CS Awards, announced at Heimtextil 2017, have again recognised the best fabrics made by the customers of the German fibre manufacturer.

The theme of the fifth edition was “Mobility”, and so participants needed to showcase their latest mobility-related developments in the following six product categories: Hotel room/apartment; Hotel reception/restaurant; Cruise; Transportation (train, coach or aeroplane); Flexible working spaces; and Automobiles (autonomous/electric mobility).

An independent judging panel comprising Ulrike Kerber, a professor of Ostwestfalen-Lippe University, Martina Starke of BMW Design, ED-B-3 and Natalija Zimmermann of BZ.Bildung-Beratung-Innovation were in charge of choosing the winners according to their degree of innovation and trends, technical execution and sustainability depending on the demands of the mobility sector (such as weight, resilience, aesthetics and duration). They also took other functions into consideration, such as acoustics, solar protection and tactile properties.

The 17 winning fabrics at this edition were Madama Butterfly by Rubelli; Venier by Rubelli; Porto II by Création Baumann; Colombaia by Piovano; Palais by E. Schoepf; Carlton by Johan van den Acker Textielfabriek; Duchesse by JAB Josef Anstoetz; New York by Fine Textilverlag; CS Matlock by Gebrüder Munzert; Giga by Delius; Sintra by Johan van den Acker; Iguana by Pugi; Entrada by Création Baumann; Hane by Rubelli; Timor by Johan van den Acker; Mirage by Pugi, and Antique Pasha by Teksko Kadife / Kumas Sanayi. A special mention was also awarded to Absorber by Gerriets.


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