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Remembering Coderch


The 240 pages that make up this work help us pick apart the complex personality of the Catalan architect José Antonio Coderch.

By way of interviews with people who knew him well, among which are key figures in the fields of architecture and design such as Rafael Moneo, Josep Llinàs, Oriol Bohigas, Joan Margarit, Oscar Tusquets and Federico Correa, a portrait emerges of a controversial, contradictory and nonconformist character who was also a brilliant, modern and transgressive architect.

The second part of the book includes an article by Elina Vilá, architect at the Vilablanch Interior Design Studio, presenting Coderch’s most innovative and visionary work: the unprecedented project “La Herencia” (Heritage), which breaks with the conventionality of his time and proposes homes that are versatile and adaptable to the changing needs of its inhabitants. Despite the genius of the concept, the project never reached fruition and was lost for decades until it was found thanks to clues picked up from the interviewees.

The book concludes the investigation that started on 2013 with the aim of searching for material regarding the architect for the exhibition “The Heritage of Coderch”, commissioned by Elina Vilà, and the documentary “Remembering Coderch” by Poldo Pomés.


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