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We wanted a Calatrava


Santiago Calatrava is one of the most widely known architects of Spanish origin in the world. His white buildings stand in a good twenty countries, giving shape to bridges, train stations, airports, auditoriums, museums, skyscrapers or stadiums. In the years of the turn of the century, Calatrava was pretty much unreservedly admired and spoiled. Nevertheless, he ended up being a repudiated figure.

The book sets out to discover, list and expose the causes of such a transformation. It is a documented journalist report done by the architecture critic Llàtzer Moix, where a few constants have come to light—delays, manifold increases in budget, giving up some of the work’s defining features on the fly and burdensome maintenance—that help us to understand how the perception about this architect, engineer and plastic creator was transformed and marked by criticism and reproaches.


Pedró de la Creu, 58
08034 Barcelona. Spain

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