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Nieto Sobejano wins the enlargement of Sorolla Museum competition


The Casa Museo Sorolla on calle Martínez Campos in Madrid possesses memorable spaces. Its enlargement fundamentally represents an occasion for establishing a dialogue between the original house—which the Valencian painter conceived together with the architect Repullés y Vargas—and the new enlargement areas required for the museum’s functions.

The winning proposal by the Nieto Sobejano architecture practice resulted from evoking three elements in the new project: the garden (on the roof), the Andalusian courtyard (which articulates the enlargement’s vestibule space) and the studio (which is multiplied into a sequence of bays running parallel to those operating as temporary exhibition rooms).

Restoring the architectural and ornamental elements will be undertaken in keeping with the home’s original architecture. However, two of the spaces will require modifications of major importance: first, to address the access for people with reduced mobility, for which a gentle ramp next to the garden’s west wall is being proposed; and second, the connection between the Museum-House and the enlargement by 1500 square metres, which will include a staircase and lift from the semi-basement storey concealed behind a wall unit in Room I.

The new entrance from calle Zurbano will allow artworks to be brought in as well as giving access to the public in exceptional cases, such as conferences, inaugurations or other functions. The project for the new enlargement will thus address the functional deficiencies of the current building but will leave centre stage to the original house, to the memory of the places in which the artist worked, painted and lived.


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